Wanted: Boosters and Problem Solvers

Wanted: Boosters and Problem Solvers

  • Posted by: Juergen

Do you think fast, like to think up new ways of doing things, and are you always on the lookout for solutions that no one else can find? Then you’ve come to the right place: Welcome to the InnovatorCircle – the competition for new digital solutions in the Samsung universe. We are looking for a team that makes us even better with their innovative ideas. Exactly your thing? Then apply now – and win up to 20,000 euros for your team idea.

What’s the task?
Samsung Access is a program that offers members exclusive benefits, discounts and partner offers (learn more here). Imagine you’re a Samsung Access customer. What does the program need to be able to do to provide even more value? How would you build or change it to better connect different partner offerings? Where do you see potential to expand the business model? In short, how can you improve Samsung Access so that it becomes much more than what it is today? These are exactly the kinds of questions you can rack your brains over at the InnovatorCircle – and put your team on the winner’s podium with the best solution.


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